Sylvia Scott

Sylvia Scott is the Founder and CEO of the social enterprise Girls’ C.E.O. Connection™, an organization that sets young women on a path toward fulfilling lives as successful entrepreneurs. 

Ms. Scott ‘s personal commitment to bringing opportunities to cultivate entrepreneurship with high school girls led her to create the conference series, Realizing A Vision. This investment allows her to increase girls’ understanding of how they can become independent and self-sufficient through being entrepreneurs. During the conference the girl’s meet with accomplished female business owners, entrepreneurs and mentors. She wants young women to see themselves as entrepreneurs with the confidence level to solve problems in an original approach.

While attending Babson College for MBA studies Ms. Scott worked for The Center for Women and Enterprise (CWE) in Boston. She reinvented the internship program to include high school girls and young college women, as well as improving an initiative to help entrepreneurs expand their business skills needed in being successful. Ms. Scott continues to advise and instruct women entrepreneurs with the Inland Empire Women’s Business Center, the Coachella Valley Women’s Business Center, and the Peace Through Business Program® with women entrepreneurs from Rwanda and Afghanistan

Ms. Scott is author of The Guardian Life Insurance How To Be Young, Fabulous, and Rich for Girls’ Going Places®. In Flat World Navigation: Collaboration and Networking in the Global Digital Economy by Kim Chandler, Ms. Scott provides insight for entrepreneurs to plan their journey through the flat world. Ms. Scott’s experiences as an entrepreneur are often shared in CBNation.  She has been a guest on several podcasts including Women’s Radio Network with Pat Lynch and Nan McKay Connects Trail Blazers Impact Show, Peace Through Business