March is upon us, and that means so is Women’s History Month. To celebrate, we wanted to highlight some of our amazing female authors who bring their unique perspectives to their writing. This list is by no means comprehensive. If you’d like to see all of our amazing woman authors, you can browser our authors here.


Veronica Butler Headshot
1.Veronica Butler – Butler is a Middle-Grade Author who married a military man who she learns and grows alongside as they raise their two twins. Her book
Chloe Rose and the Enchanted Maze creates an unforgettable adventure that explores the pain and grief that can come with living in a military family. 

Meiling Colorado Headshot

2. Meiling Colorado – TColorado grew up in a semi-nomadic bohemian lifestyle. Her creative upbringing and travels made Colorado aware of the world and the changes needed to keep it progressing. She explores these lessons in her post-apocalyptic fantasy novel Aftermath.

Sara "Dee" Diaz

3. Sara “Dee” Diaz  – Diaz has lived everywhere and done a little bit of everything. That includes making doodles which she composed into Doodles by Dee. By crafting, playing, and finding the magic of life, Diaz created a coloring book that allows you to appreciate the here and now. 

K.T. Egan Headshot

4. K.T. Egan –  Egan holds her bachelor’s degree in English and History, with a minor in Women’s and Gender Studies. Through her poems, short stories, and book All You Hold On To , she explores the themes that come from women in relationships. 

Genevieve Jane Headshot

5. Genevieve Jane – Jane has always had a love for books and keeps her home library fully stocked. Playing with her daughter and a small clan of animals in Canada, Jane’s debut book A Love Across Time takes the fairytale plot and twists into a thrilling romantic fantasy novel. 

L. Austen Johnson

6. L. Austin Johnson – Johnson is a proud native of the “lover’s state,” Virginia. Through her debut poetry book Burning the Bacon, Johnson explores topics such as chronic illness, memory, and heartbreak. 

Hazell - C. MCKenzie

7. Hazell C. McKenzie – As a Food Network star and immigrant, has overcome obstacle after obstacle to achieve a piece of the American Dream. Her book Suitcase of Dreams explores the ups and downs of McKenzie’s journey. Read how Mckenzie rose like a phoenix after experiencing illness and poverty in a new city. 

Bethany McTrustery

8. Bethany McTrustery – McTrustery grew up around the UK’s Royal air force. Her debut poetry book, I Want to Know You, is composed strongly of the experiences near the airforce and the changing relationships she had with her family and the landscape of Britain. 

Allison Stowe Headshot

9. Allison Stowe – Stowe grew up writing fanfiction in her generic Toronto suburb. While in college she wrote her book, Infamous, as a way to fulfill her calling to be a writer. Influenced by her love for prime-time teen dramas, she wrote Infamous, which follows a teen girl left guilt-stricken after motionlessly watching her sister get kidnapped. 


10. Esabella Strickland – Strickland is an award-winning writer and actor in Canada. As a teen writer with anxiety, ADHD, and dyslexia, Esabella is a strong advocate for those struggling with learning disabilities. Her book Then and There, Here and Where dissects these struggles in a magical world involving ancient Egypt and a family mystery.  

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