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Books You’ll Love to Read: From Favorites to New Books You’re Sure to Love

Books you’ll love if you’re a fan of ____: Our recommendation list of must-read books for Spring 2018!

Like that? Try this…

Just read your favorite book and now you don’t know where to turn next? This book recommendation list is a compilation of  new books and novels that are similar to the ones you love. You won’t be caught in a book rut again with these GenZ novels. 

1. Like Simon vs. The Homo Sapien Agenda? Try Infamous…

First, if you loved Simon vs. The Homo Sapien Agenda, Infamous by Allison Stowe will become your new favorite book.  Her novel is described as, “an exhilarating story of misfortune, mystery, and unexpected friendship. Suspenseful and vivid, Stowe has captured the essence of high school life with astonishing twists throughout her gripping novel”. It is a must-read; once you start this novel you won’t be able to put it down! It’s just as intense as Simon vs. The Homo Sapien Agenda, leaving you engaged until the very end. Infamous, like Simon vs. is a young adult book that features lgbt characters. The main character is a lesbian, but her identity isn’t the only thing the plot revolves around. 


2. College student? New job? Try Insights from Professionals….

Stressed at college or just about your future in general? Tried a bunch of career advice books but none of them have what you are looking for? You may want to try Insights from Professionals, Antoine Airoldi’s debut book. This book will help you find your passion from real people who were in the same place as you. It is noted, “Inspired by stressed-out college students, Antoine Airoldi focuses on combating fear in order to succeed”. There is something in this novel for everyone.  


3. Like Stephen King? Try Justin Fulkerson…

Are you a fan of Stephen King and have read his novels three times over? Want the same feel of his thrillers that makes your heart pump? Try author Justin Fulkerson. His novel An Hour For Magic will hook you from the very start. Between magicians, prophecies, and demons you can’t go wrong with this novel. The best part? This novel already has a sequel, Hollow Be Thy Name, that you can pick up right after you finish the first.  


4. Want to embrace society’s dystopian nature? Enjoy short stories? Try Snail Eyes…

Already read Justin Fulkerson’s novel An Hour For Magic and its sequel? Looking for something even more twisted and bizarre? Try out Roach Adams’ Snail Eyes. This fictional short story collection described as, “Weird, strange, some sort’ve menacing mutation,” and will be a reading experience like no other.     





5. Like Milk and Honey? Try Spirals…

Have you been obsessing over Rupi Kaur’s poetry and you just can’t get enough? Love the imagery she portrays and the simplicity of the lines you repeat in your head all day? Then you’ll love Spirals by George Buccheri. This new poetry collection will give you the same quotable and relatable pieces that will leave you wanting more. Spirals may become your new poetry obsession, making you relate to  every poem you read this Spring 2018.




6. Like John Green? Try Spencer Durrant…

Do you love John Green and everything his novels have to offer? If you want the same romance and real life feel of his novels try out Spencer Durrant’s, Learning to Fly. This YA novel will have you so invested into the character’s, you’ll end up learning about yourself with them.  A bit of the novel is described as, “An emotional roller coaster, the story of Gunnar and Carrie teaches us all to live life deliberately, chasing our dreams in spite of whatever adversity we may face.”




7. Like Laurie Halse Anderson? Try Bri Marino…

Want more novels like Laurie Halse Anderson novels? Want stories about realistic topics that are both difficult and eye-opening? We recommend, Bri Marino’s novel somewhere only we know. This must read book deals with four girls who learn how to heal together after overcoming abuse. With inspiration from Anderson’s novel Speak, this novel will give you unique characters that will bring you hope.   




8. Like New Adult Romance? Try KJ Cartmell…

If Internal Conflict by E.A. Stripling is on  your favorite books list, you’ll love Revelation by KJ Cartmell. This is book one of the series The Gospel of Thomas. It will give you a similarly complicated romance, as seen in books like Internal Conflict or Tammara Webber’s Easy It’s for Young Adult and New Adult romance fans. The pages will practically flip themselves, as you go through the heated relationship of Adeline and Thomas.   





Kristin Toedtmann is a student intern at GenZ Publishing.  Some links in this article provide us with a small commision, but we are not sponsored by any author or company mentioned in this post. 

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