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We’re on a mission to bring new authors to the world.

It can be nearly impossible for writers with promising talent to be recognized in the publishing and digital media industry. There are many unheard voices in the publishing world because of the often-costly (for time, energy, and money) requirements for breaking into it.

Since there often seems to be an under-representation of new and innovative voices in the publishing world, we decided it was time for change. 

GenZ Publishing emphasizes debut, emerging, and underrepresented authors. We’re not a vanity press. Instead, we’re a traditional, indie publisher that focuses on mentoring authors through each step of the publishing process and beyond: editing, writing sequels, cover design, marketing, PR, and even getting agented for future works. We love to see our authors succeed both with the books they publish with us and with their other publications. That’s why we call it the “GenZ Family.” 

“I self-published my first book in high school and had a book published by a national publishing company in college that went on to be a ‘bestseller.’ When others hear this, many ask the same questions: How did you do it, and how can I publish too? The truth is, it is very tough to get published, especially for young people and new writers looking to have their writing taken seriously.

Being published has been an amazing experience for me that has opened many doors, and I want to allow others to have the same experience to share their words with the world. That is why I started GenZ Publishing. We are an innovative, technology-based publisher focusing on releasing works by a new generation of writers.”

— Morissa Schwartz, GenZ Founder


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GenZ Publishing accepts remote internships for students as well as in-person internships for those based in NJ. Find more information here. 


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