"Some writers are afraid to call themselves 'writers' for the same reason that some artists are afraid to call themselves 'artists'."
Morissa Schwartz
GenZ Founder

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Our founder and authors offer their advice to future authors! 

By Morissa Schwartz, Founder of GenZ Publishing

Hi, authors! We here at GenZ often get asked a variety of questions from you, and we love answering them. One of the most common revolves around online media, blogs in particular. Authors will often ask if they should have a blog. The answer is a huge ‘yes!’

Blogging is an amazing tool for writers. It is a platform that allows you to share your writing with varied audiences and your loyal readers. Additionally, what better way to entice readers? If someone reads your blog and likes your writing, they are more likely to read more of your work, and of course, your book. Then, just like that, you have a new fan. A lot of authors will say they have a Facebook fan page or an Instagram, and wonder if they still need a blog. I always say ‘of course.’ These two forms of media go hand-in-hand, because your blog can promote your social media, and your social media can promote your blog!

The other awesome thing about a blog is how much freedom you have in it. When you write your book, you are less likely to use images or to explore creative forms, because you must stick to the book’s guidelines. However, in a blog, you can have a bit more fun. In fact, you are encouraged to think differently with how you present your work.

Blogging may seem intimidating at first, as so many people will wonder what kind of content to put on it. However you are a writer, so I always recommend keeping that in mind when tailoring your blog. You should write what you would want to read. While promoting your book, projects, and social media is great and an integral part of your blog, you should also include the type of content that would most interest you. In addition, you should give your readers content they can’t find anywhere else, so that they feel a closer connection to you and your writing. That is the great power of social media and blogs: they give audiences a better insight into their favorite artists that they would not otherwise get. So maybe you can release an extra chapter to your book on your blog or a short story that you abandoned a while ago. The options are endless but will make your readers happy and loyal.

So now you know why you should have a blog and some of the tips on how to keep it personal, but what is your next step? How do you go about actually starting one? This guide from Copify is a great place to start. This article answers all your blog related questions from where to host it to posting on your blog to reaching larger audiences.

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You have an awesome day, writers and innovators!

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