Campbell Dwyer

Campbell Dwyer grew up in North Carolina before moving to Pennsylvania with Quincy, her four-legged sidekick. With Quincy by her side, Campbell enjoys exploring the outdoors and traveling as often as possible.

Her knowledge and experience come from her personal journey and not through clinical training, which allows her to relate on a level most professionals cannot. Campbell’s life began with two colostomies, before transitioning to a permanent ileostomy. By the age of four, she had already gone through three major, open abdominal surgeries; the first of many throughout her life.

 After her tenth surgery, she felt compelled to inspire and encourage children through their personal ostomy journey. She has spent her life bravely battling an invisible disease and hopes to reassure others with a positive outlook. It takes guts for anyone to face life’s adventures, but with the support of an ostomy, we can conquer anything!