Fred Bastie

Fred Bastie seeks to encourage students to take the step to connecting with college recruits by leading them in the right direction with his second book, Signing Day Starts Here: Becoming a College Athlete. Hoping to help students and parents make the right choices without feeling pressured, Fred Bastie has provided a step by step plan of the recruitment process. Here, he dispels myths, provide recruitment stories, plans out the recruitment process while in high school and so on.

Fred Bastie has made it his mission to make the process more understandable and manageable for both students and parents, as he has learned these things over the years after going through them with his own son.

Fred Bastie Frequently encourages and educates students interested in sports about the right way to go about their choice. He has written for various outlets, including USA Today High School Sports. He is the founder of Playced,com, a matching engine that connects student athletes with realistic college options for them and lets them contact the coaches of those teams. He was inspired by his own sons recruiting process and had since began making the process easier for all parents and their children.