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June 22, 2022
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July 14, 2022

Hot Summer Reads – 5 Romance novels to warm you up this Spring

Do you need a book to curl up with during the hot summer weather? Here are 5 romance novels sure to be good company.


  1. The Eller Series: Animal Attraction & Hidden Agenda by Kathryn Halberg (2021, 2022)

The Eller Series currently features two books that delve into the lives of the Eller girls. The first novel follows Rachael Eller, who has recently sworn off dating. This vow, however, is put to the test when two captivating men come into her life. The second novel turns its focus to Carlie Eller, who is trying to move forward after a bad relationship. This plan is threatened by two men, and Carlie must figure out which one is just out for revenge. This series also has an upcoming third book called “Lost and Found”.

  1. Sometimes a Soldier Comes Home by Jessica Ciosek (2021)

This novel, loosely based on the lives of the author’s grandparents during and after World War II, depicts how Eleanor Mitchell’s world is thrown into disarray when her husband is drafted for the war. Determined to persevere for her family, including her two young children, Eleanor steps up and faces the challenges that are thrown her way as a wife during wartime. Will this be enough to hold her family together?

  1. Take My Whole Life Too by Justine Ruff (2020)

Ruff’s debut novel is a tale of loss, love, and facing the past, told through the eyes of a woman named Marney. Marney’s life seems to be coming together with a new job and an engagement until she hears about the death of Kiefer, her first love. This news forces Marney to return to a hometown full of memories she longed to leave behind and truths she must now confront.

  1. The Gospel of Thomas: Revelation by KJ Cartmell (2017)

Based on the author’s own involvement in an Evangelical church, this novel tells the story of a chance meeting in an airport between two teenagers, Thomas and Adeline, who grew up in the same town but have never crossed paths. Despite their opposing views—Adeline the daughter of the church pastor and Thomas reluctant to place his belief in anything—the two find themselves in love, upsetting Adeline’s life in the process.

  1. Those We Trust by Marie Jones (2021)

Set in the Scottish Highlands, this novel centers around Sophia Meadows, a woman who jumps at the chance she gets to escape her misery after being left by her husband. On her trip, she unwittingly finds herself in the middle of an investigation that introduces her to a detective inspector that she can’t help but fall for. Can their spark survive the case being built up against her?

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