Marie Jones

Marie Jones’ passion for writing and creating stories began from a young age, where she loved nothing more than writing stories into her special A4 lined book. She remembers her english teacher reading out one of her stories to the whole class and encouraging her to keep writing. Later on in life, Marie  went on to study creative writing at night college and published her first novel, Into The Shadows, which was well received. Her favourite place to write is in her lounge when the house is quiet (though have learnt to write around noise!). Marie has always been an avid reader from the first moment she could read, and any book that grips her will always pull her in.

Around writing and family life, she also works part time as a Teaching Assistant at a local primary school, every day encouraging the budding talent of our future writers. Marie is married and they have two gorgeous but loud children. She is loving being in her 40s!

Marie’s  other passions include photography and traveling (which inspires her writing). She is also one of those keep fit enthusiasts and loves raising money for charities through My Peak Challenge, a charity she is  honoured to be an ambassador for. She also madly takes on runs for charity and recently climbed her first munro mountain in Scotland. Marie has been fortunate enough to visit many countries around the world, yet Scotland still remains one of her all time favourites. Wherever she is, everyday men and women with all their amazing complexities always fascinate and inspire her.