Morissa Schwartz

Morissa Schwartz is a best-selling Author and Guinness World Record breaker. She is the author of Writing for the New Generation and the founder of GenZ Publishing. 

As The Voice of Generation Z, Morissa uses her position as a young bestselling author and media personality to advocate for the new generation. She helps new and young writers share their work through GenZ Publishing, in addition to her own writing, and media appearances.

Morissa has been highlighted on MTV, News 12, Fox, Teen Kids News, Let’s Chatand Unfamous. 

She has also been featured in The Huff Post, Yahoo Financeand US News and World ReportYou may have read her writing for Entertainment Weekly, CambioNerd ApprovedMedium,  Hello GigglesFashionably GeekWriters’ CafeNerdaliciousI Left Venus for ThisThe MPulseBuzzFeed, College Times, Next StepInside Jersey, Discovery Girls, Mad, Scholasticand more.

A literary prodigy, Morissa had her first national article published in Discovery Girls Magazine at age 12, landed her first job as an adviser to Junior Scholastic Magazine at age 13, and had her first book published at age 17.

She earned the position of top-rated editor on Fiverr by the time she graduated high school and gained dozens of writing and editing credits through college. Morissa won the prestigious Chapman Award in poetry twice by the time she graduated from Drew University.  

Her creative non-fiction book, Notes Never Sent, was ranked in Amazon’s Top 200 Books in the school-age children category.

Morissa graduated as the president of the Sigma Tau Delta Honor Society from Drew University, completed her Master’s Degree studies at Monmouth University in corporate and public communication, and earned her Doctorate in Literature at Drew University.