Love is in the air, so curl up with your sweetheart and these books! 


1. A Love Across Time by Genevieve Jane (2020)

Deep within the forests of 19th century Germany, Jacob has forever felt out of place. Focused on his writing, he has no time for love. Feeling suffocated, he flees and when he meets a stunning young woman and makes the wrong decision, he has no choice but to find love. Present-day, in the heart of Toronto, Kathryn enjoys her life. Although happy, she has longed for something more, to be something more. Her life turns into a fairy tale when she is thrown into a tale as old as time, falling in love with a cursed man.


2. Queen of All by Anya Leigh Josephs (2021)

14-year-old Jena is not considered highly, especially when compared to her best friend Sisi, the most beautiful girl in the kingdom. When Sisi receives a letter from Prince Ricard summoning her to the royal court, both girls are thrust into a new and dangerous world that holds more secrets than either ever expected. While Sisi deals with the affections of the prince she despises, Jena must uncover the truth behind his suspected involvement in the devastation of the land and its magic. She also must deal with her own growing affections for Sisi. The fate of the kingdom and the fate of her future rest in Jena’s hand

3. Those We Trust by Marie Jones (2021)

A getaway in the Scottish Highlands of Inverness might just be exactly what Sophia Meadows needs after her husband of ten years leaves her. When an old university friend offers Sophia the chance to flat-sit in Scotland, she thinks it may just offer her the chance to heal. That is until a break-in at her apartment sweeps Sophia into a world of secrets and crime. As she meets the handsome DI, Marcus Armstrong, evidence of fraud begins to pile against her and her old friend. Facing police surveillance, a mysterious man after the contents of a hidden safe, and her own mending broken heart, Sophia must learn to trust Marcus and clear her name so they can catch the real criminal before she’s lost to the secrets of the Highlands.

4. The Family Recipe by K.T. Egan (2021)

When Cheyenne inherits her late-grandfather’s Pennsylvania home, she must leave her New York life behind to fulfill his wishes. In her childhood hometown she meets Jesse Kaiser, a single father and a friend of her grandfathers who has been given a large sum of money to help take care of the house. When the beginnings of romance start to form between the two, can they put aside their pasts to find new love in each other?

5. Another Beasts Skin by Jessika Grewe Glover (2021)

When Neysa rents a cottage in England she learns that a family she has befriended are emissaries from a fae realm and are the guardians of a veil between the realms. Problems arise when the four crystals that keep the veil secure go missing however, and now Neysa must join the race to protect the realms with the help of guardian Caderyn and his cousin. As Neysa discovers more about herself and the fae realm, she discovers that she may have more of a connection to this new world than she thought.

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