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The Hottest Books for 2019 Thus Far According to Indie Publishing!

Every year, there are thousands upon thousands of books published in the United States alone. Because of this, it is nearly impossible to read every single book. Below you will find a list of the newest, hottest books that have been released so far. We are only halfway through the year and the list is endless already. Here are the hottest books (and authors) that should be on your radar. 


The Magnolia Inn by Carolyn Brown – Published January 15, 2019

In Carolyn Brown’s new novel, we first meet Jolene Broussard, who has inherited the Magnolia Inn and feels like she is on cloud-nine. This old Victorian style home is located in the pines of East Texas, and to Jolene, it feels like home. She is ready to start her new life, and the Inn is the perfect place to do that. The only problem that disrupts her dream is Tucker Malone—a cranky carpenter hell-bent on making Jolene’s life more difficult. Faced with an unwanted partnership at the Magnolia Inn, the two spend a lot time together, which could mean the two find out that they have more in common than they originally believed. Will restoring the Magnolia Inn together allow their hearts to be restored as well?


The Age of Light by Whitney Scharer – Published February 5, 2019

In her debut novel, Whitney Scharer creates a brilliantly detailed story in which Lee Miller searches for a new identity. Based on the Vogue model turned photographer, Elizabeth “Lee” Miller, Scharer captures Miller’s life in a time when she no longer wanted to be in front of the camera but behind it. We travel back to 1929 Paris when Lee meets Man Ray, the surrealist photographer who is convinced to take Lee on as an assistant. Scharer takes us on Lee’s journey through Europe, where she learns about photography and the techniques behind it. As Lee and Man Ray grow closer, Lee must decide what is more important to her: becoming an artist or following her heart. In this historical fiction novel, Scharer explores a young artist’s life that is starting to shine through a man’s legacy while creating her own marvel. 


Gingerbread by Helen Oyeyemi – Published March 5, 2019

Described as somewhat fantastical, Helen Oyeyemi creates an enchanting tale of family legacy. With themes such as class and female empowerment, Gingerbread has much more complexity than simply adding molasses. Riddled with magical realism—or perhaps surrealism—Oyeyemi takes us through the life of the Lee family, Harriet and Perdita, who live in London and seem to be an average working mother and an average schoolgirl, respectively. Oyeyemi does not shy away from using as much detail as possible, which is certainly part of her style and charm. We see Perdita go on a journey to find her mother’s long-lost friend, Gretel Kercheval, who is described as the ultimate lover of the Lee family gingerbread recipe. As Harriet and Perdita undergo many of life’s struggles such as jealousy and family grudges, the only thing keeping them together is gingerbread. Be prepared to be confused and satisfied all at the same time because Gingerbread is steeped in Oyeyemi’s imagination. 


The Editor by Steven Rowley – Published April 2, 2019

In The Editor, Steven Rowley takes us through the life of James Smale during the 1990s in New York City. He sold his novel to a major publishing house, where the editor is Jackie Kennedy—or rather Mrs. Onassis. James’s novel speaks of his family dysfunction, which is in part why Jackie loves it so much. With the impending publication, James begins to get nervous that the book will cause an already rough relationship to break further. He doesn’t think he can finish the manuscript, yet Jackie pushes James to complete it with a genuine ending, which also means going home to the family dysfunction. However, secrets reveal themselves while at home, and James realizes his editor may have had different plan all along. Read how Rowley wraps up his immensely raw novel. 


Change by EA Stripling — Published May 11, 2019

The last installment of the Internal Conflict series, EA Stripling creates a beautiful ending in Change. Olivia is having a difficult time as a newly married and newly pregnant woman, and she starts to push everyone away, leaving her feeling lost and alone. All Olivia wants is a fresh start with everyone and a drama free life. She is being pulled in every direction and cannot help but feel like she is making the wrong decision in every way. We all know that Olivia deserves a happily ever after, but will she achieve that dream? EA Stripling reveals all the pain and happiness in Change. 

This year has already been great for new novels, and there are many more anticipated books coming out in the second half of the year. Grab one of these hottest books of 2019 and dive deep into a new story!

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