By: S. Quigley (March 1, 2019)

Aberdeen, NJ— GenZ Publishing is thrilled to announce the March 2019 release of Kenechukwu Obi’s Taste for Change.

What would you pay for love? In Kenechukwu Obi’s new release, this is the question in which the downtrodden citizens of the kingdom of Ohanze wrestle with. Taste for Change is the story of a land tormented by a tyrannical ruler who sees love and marriage as yet another opportunity to exert his power over the population. The malevolent King Edozie places steep bride prices on young women, rendering marriage for love impossible. When the son of a martyred insurgent returns to his homeland to reckon with King Edozie, he finds the strength to liberate women suffering under nightmarish circumstances. A story of love and tragedy, this novel reveals exactly how much love costs at a time when no one can afford it.

In Taste for Change, Kenechukwu Obi paints a vivid picture of a country caught in a stranglehold by an iron hand that controls the one thing treasured most dear: love. The enduring struggle for freedom illustrates something we all know to be true. The price we would pay for love is beyond measure.

Kenechukwu (Ken) Obi is a Canadian writer with an obsession for uncaged creativity. On the literary side of things, of which there is more from him to come, he loves to put his imagination to work by creating novels, short stories, articles, plays, poetry and song lyrics. He is studying business administration at the University of Regina in Canada and the author of the novels End It by the Gun (Amazon bestseller) and Taste for Change.

This book will soon be available for Kindle and paperback formats on Amazon.


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