Author Preston L. Marshall eagerly anticipated sequel to When Darkness Reigns is here. In Book One of the Lion Blade Saga, When Darkness Reigns, readers follow Lumur Lee as he’s swept into humanity’s desperate war, and he must survive against the Sarsaul, predators from another world. In its follow-up, Remembrance, we’re drawn right back into Preston’s rich sci-fi world:

After the fall of their hometown, Lumar and Nate have been absorbed into the Army that failed to defend their homes and families. They have just emerged victorious over the Sarsaul that destroyed their home. Even after they have had their revenge, the pain of their loss still weighs heavily on their minds.

This new novel from Preston L. Marshall is sure to captivate any reader from start to finish!

Author Preston Marshall grew up in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, where he lives with his wife Danielle and their Shih Tzu Fane. They spend most of their evenings and weekends watching shows and movies based on superheroes and comic books, classic SciFi like Doctor Who, and SyFy Channel original series. Preston is an avid video gamer and is always on the hunt for the perfect game, one with a rich world in which he can lose himself for a day or more. He shares his passions with the world, whether it’s by connecting a group of friends to play board games, or if it’s through his work on literary projects, like East Central University’s Originals literary magazine. Preston graduated from East Central University in Ada Oklahoma in 2013 with a bachelor’s degree in English Literature. He’s a proud member of Pokémon Go Team Valor and a proud supporter of Cosplayers everywhere. Follow Preston’s daily adventures on his twitter page @omnustechni.

Marshall’s electric writing in the Lion-Blade Saga is perfect for readers interested in sci-fi, or those who are drawn to stories about finding hope in the darkest places, or even just those who have an appreciation for prose that begs to be read. To celebrate the release of Remembrance, Genz Publishing is offering a special on When Darkness Reigns (Lion Blade #1). For a limited time only, get the ebook of When Darkness Reigns (Lion Blade #1) for only 99¢ AND receive 10% off the print version. Get your copy at Amazon.

Remembrance (Lion Blade #2) by Preston Marshall is to be published on July 7, 2017 from GenZ Publishing. It is available on Amazon in print and kindle versions and on our website shop. You can also find the book on Goodreads, where early readers are already calling it the “best book in the series.” To learn more about Mr. Preston Marshall and his fantastic writing, please visit the GenZ website: And follow us on Twitter @genzpub for more updates.

If you would like more information about either of the Lion Blade Saga books, please contact Morissa Schwartz or email [email protected]

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