Although worldviews are arguably impossible to define through language, authors try to do it all the time. As a part-time host of the GenZ podcast, I had the opportunity to get a glimpse into the psyches of a lineup of fascinating writers. Each of these authors had something important to say about writing and the world at large. They offered unique, refined perspectives which took me totally off my planet and onto theirs.

At the GenZ podcast, we aim to foster a sense of closeness and community which is so often lacking in the writing world.  I believe that there is a lot to be found in a GenZ podcast interview on the level of content and authenticity that can’t be found in interviews with established mainstream authors.

Below is a summary of each episode. 

Episode 1: Memoir Writing with Anne Dennish

After surviving breast cancer and domestic abuse, Anne Dennnish was inspired to write a memoir of short stories dedicated to her recovery. In this episode, she gives us some of her best advice on how to live, love, and (literally) let go. Of our hair, our unhelpful relationships, and other pain that weighs us down. What’s more, she tells us how and why to write about it all.

Episode 2: Automatic Writing with Paul Goldman

Paul Goldman, an inspired poet, explains his “automatic” writing process. Instead of inventing poems, he fosters an undisturbed state of mind: in this state, the poems flow naturally. He calls this process “channeling”, or automatic writing.

Episode 3: Identity with Bassam the Poet

Bassam, a spoken word poet, discusses how writing helped him understand his own identity. The world, according to Bassam, needs to be decolonized — systemically imposed ideas about who we are often blind us to our true identities while marginalizing those who stand outside the norm.

Episode 4: Self- Promotion with Author Joey Paul

Independent author Joey Paul discusses her many young adult novels, her disability, and her writing process at large. Joey’s multi-genre, series-based approach has given her an expanded view of the online literary community. In this episode, Joey teaches us how, why, and where to promote ourselves online.

Episode 5: Traditional Publishing the Author and Literary Agent Hope Boelinger

Author and literary agent Hope Bolinger tells the story of how she became a published author and literary agent at a young age. Hope offers advice from the other side of the publishing table and explains some common concerns that agents and publishers have when considering manuscripts.

Episode 6: Characters with KJ Cartmell

KJ Cartmell explains the motivations behind his novel, Revelation, his Harry Potter fanfiction, and his political blog. As a life-long storyteller, KJ has a talent for picking up insights from his own circumstances and applying them to gripping, rollercoaster novels. 

In this episode, I got a clear sense of exactly what goes on in KJ’s mind before he puts pen to paper.

Episode 7: Games and Writing with Preston Marshall

Preston Marshall, author of the Lionsblade Saga, talks about how games influenced his writing and how he uses gaming concepts in his books. Anyone interested in exploring the connection between gaming, film, and writing, would benefit from this episode. 

Episode 8: Poetry with Daniel J. Flore

Daniel J. Flore, a long-time poet, discusses the way he thinks about poetry, maintaining privacy as a poet, and symbols in his latest poetry book, lapping water (and more). A good listen for anyone interested in writing a poetry book someday.


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