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A Historical Tale of Love, Death, and Betrayal

October 19th, 2020, Morganville, NJ— Written by David Snow, the historical fiction novel, Murder of Edward VI, will transport you back in time to reveal generational secrets that will make you question where your allegiance lies.

We all know the story of Henry VIII, the man who wanted a son so much that he created a religious schism for the sake of divorce. Still, Henry VIII had only one son in his life, Edward VI, and this is his story. In the The Murder of Edward VI, readers follow castle intrigue through the eyes of Richard Barton, a fictional protagonist who takes part in the events of the period.

The Murder of Edward VI may be a familiar story to many, but this historical fiction was written with the intent to bring a whole new perspective to the tale you once knew. Love has its place in the palace, but could politics push love aside? The Murder of Edward VI was written with the intent of betrayal behind every word. Will you decide if the family secrets warrant death?

Murder of Edward VI was released on October 12, 2020, from GenZ Publishing and is available in paperback and eBook where books are sold.

David Snow has been teaching history for fifty years. He took his B.A. and M.A. degrees from Brigham Young University and did his Doctoral studies at Michigan State University, where his focus was English-Spanish diplomacy during the reign of Henry VIII (1509-1547). His Master’s thesis, “The diplomatic courier during the reign of Henry VIII,” was published in 1968.

GenZ Publishing is an innovative publishing house for print and digital media, bringing a new model to the literature world. They offer new, emerging, and young writers the opportunity to get discovered and launch their publications, promoting industry change and raising the voices of historically marginalized groups. To learn more, please visit their website. 

By Maggie Ovington, 2020 

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