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March 2, 2021
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In the Sleep of Death


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They called her the Hellfire Witch of St. Louis. They said she had the Evil Eye and accused her of murder. Only she knew what was really happening…

Outspoken 1880s socialite Lorena Whittaker vows never to take a husband. No one compares to the mysterious man who shows up in her dreams every night. But that changes when a stranger comes to call.

Diedrick Adalwolf is a cold and doddering old man, the least likely candidate for her heart. But Lorena sees him as the robust, dashing young German she has already fallen in love with in her dreams and marries him impetuously.

Lorena soon realizes that her marriage to Diedrick is a mistake. Worse yet, she can’t escape him, for he is now haunting her dreams. No, more than that: he is driving them. But how?

When her husband’s dark deeds lead to Lorena being framed for murder, a jittery posse intends to bring her to justice. As she schemes to evade the hangman’s noose, she must traverse a world of stolen Indian magic and ancient lore to find a weapon once owned by Death himself.

Time is running out, and Death holds a grudge.

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