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Then and There, Here and Where

Orabella the Oracle 1: Then and There, Here and Where


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Fresh out of middle school, 12-year-old Orabella thought the worst of her worries would be choosing between going to high school and being homeschooled—between sticking with her friends or being free from the bullying she receives because of her learning disability. But she soon discovers that the world she knew, school included, isn’t what it seems.

An eerie encounter with a mysterious raven during the Summer Solstice Festival—and the sudden disappearance of her parents soon after—forces her to move in with her grandparents, where strange occurrences happen more and more often. When Oreballa stumbles upon a family secret with roots in Ancient Egypt, she’s thrust into a world of ancient spirits, time-traveling, and, most importantly, the Tree of Life, a spiritual entity that maintains the stability of the entire universe.

Newly aware of her true destiny, Orabella must learn to shed her self-doubt and insecurities surrounding her learning disability and adjust to her new role as a protector of humanity and the Tree of Life against the mischievous spirit, Iblis, and his forces of darkness in order to keep the universe in balance and find her parents.



  • #1 New Release – Amazon Canada
  • #1 New Release, Children’s Norse Literature – Amazon US
  • #3 Children’s Norse Literature – Amazon Canada
  • Top 30 for Children’s Books about Disability – Amazon Canada

Press and other achievements:

Esabella also won a $250,000 Grand Prize for her screenplay adaptation of Then and There, Here and Where, and was featured in Variety and on CTV for it.

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