Esabella Strickland is the author of the children’s fantasy series Orabella the Oracle. The first is Then and There, Here and Where, released March 2021.

The founder of GenZ Publishing, Morissa Schwartz is the bestselling author of Writing for The New Generation

Sherri Schwartz is the author behind the dog journey novel, Are You Love? 

E.A Stripling is the author of the adult romance series, Internal Conflict.

Scott McGlynn, the author of OUT, is from Cardiff, Wales UK. 

Allison Stowe is the author of YA novel, Infamous. 

David Snow is the author of historical fiction series,The Murder of Edward VI.

Sylvia Scott is the Founder of the Girls’ C.E.O. Connection.


Luke Swanson is the author of the upcoming YA novel Spectators of War.

Bindiya is a former defense and aerospace journalist and has written for top niche publications around the world.