The GenZ Authors

Meet the amazing minds behind your favorite works.

Pam Canington

Pam Canington is the author of the travelogue​, I Went, I Saw, I Shared.​

Nicholas Chimera

Nicholas Chimera is the author of the YA book, ​The Crusader​.

Joanne Cherefko

Joanne Cherefko is the poet behind, A Consecration of the Wind

Spencer Durrant

Spencer Durrant is the author of YA Novel, Learning to Fly.

Adrian DeBarros

Adrian DeBarros is the author of A Poet and His Errant Pen.

Anne Dennish

Anne Dennish is the author of her personal survival story, My Collective Soul.

Sara "Dee" Diaz

Sara Diaz is the artist behind the coloring book, Doodles By Dee.

Sophia DeRise

Sophia DeRise is a writer from Philadelphia with a film degree from Temple University.

Catherine Edward

Catherine Edward is the author of the fantasy series, Lycan’s Blood Queen.

K.T. Egan

K.T. Egan is the author of the contemporary romance series, All You Hold On To.

Emma Foster

Emma Foster is the author of the book, The Lies I Told Myself.

Dan Flore

Dan Flore is the author of the poetry collection, Lapping Water.

Lindsey Fera

A born and bred New Englander, Lindsey hails from the North Shore of Boston.

Katherine Forrister

Katherine Forrister is an author of speculative fiction with a love of fantasy, history, science, and romance.

Cameron Grace

Cameron Grace is the author of Wood to Burn and Those Dearly Dead Things.

Paul Goldman

Paul Goldman is ​the author and poet behind the poetry collection, Silence Speaks.

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