100 Days Sober Cover: image of drugs and needles with the author information
100 Days Sober: The Drug Diaries
December 2, 2019
A cozy red scarf with a package and cup of coffee. Book title reads all you hold on to
Anderson Creek 1: All You Hold On To
December 2, 2019
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A Love Across Time cover: a castle with a wintery image and a pocket watch

A Love Across Time



In every story of good and evil, there is a heroine and there is a villain, and it is only fitting that it begins with once upon a time…

As a young woman, Kathryn mostly enjoys her life. It is full of family and friends, cozy chairs, books, and tea. Although happy, she has longed for something more, to be something more. Her life turns into a fairy tale when she is thrown into a centuries-old curse, falling in love with an immortal man.

Jacob has forever felt out of place. Focused on his writing, he has no time to love, and certainly no time to find a wife as his family wishes. Feeling suffocated, he flees and when he meets a stunning young woman and makes the wrong decision, he has no choice but to find love.

Every heart can be broken.
Every wish has a cost.
Every choice has a consequence.


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