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April 22, 2018
April 22, 2018
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Lion-Blade Saga #3: Regicide


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By Preston L. Marshall

The Lion-Blade Saga marches on. Operation Regicide has begun. For the first time in twenty years, mankind is striking back against the Sarsaul. For too long the aliens have held South America and used it as a staging ground for their war on humanity. It is time to make the Sarsaul bleed for all the death and pain they have caused humanity over the last two decades. It is time to put a stop to their reign on Earth.

Lumar and his comrades are thrust into the heart of the ever escalating conflict. From the moment their forces set foot in South America, they are besieged on every side. The expeditionary forces under the command of General Derricks gain ground, but pay for every inch they take in blood and bodies.

Lumar’s Adept powers grow stronger by the day, tempered in battle against the unending hordes of the Sarsaul. The stronger his powers grow, the harder it becomes to hide them not only from the Sarsaul, but from their own people.

Secrets will be uncovered. Blood will be spilled. Princes will be dethroned.

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